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The care I have received here has been great. The office staff and the doctor really make me feel like I’m an individual and they care and are concerned about my health.
-S. Summers

Dr. Petraglia has been very sensitive to my individual needs. I had been on narcotic pain medications for 5 ½ years before coming here. I now use a TENS unit as primary pain management. I have become more active again and have better pain control than before. Dr. Petraglia has helped me get back to a normal active life without narcotics.
-B. Bennett

Dr. Petraglia is a great doctor. The treatment I have received has helped me walk. He is very polite and can get things done when others can’t.

I was in a lot of pain and hated life when I came to Fresno. My sister found this office for pain management and I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me. The shots I get in my back allow me to enjoy what little life I have left. The doctor so understands of how I feel and all of my needs being in the health condition that I’m in. Thank you for making want to wake up in the morning.
-A. Ross

I have had the injection treatment done three times. The third one helped my back a lot. Thank you.
-C. Correa

Dr. Petraglia has done three injection treatments on me over the last three months. Two of the three procedures have worked great. He doesn’t give up until he resolves your pain. He and his office staff are extra nice and always put my pain needs first. They address all my questions and take very good care of me. Dr. Petraglia lets you have a say in your pain management. He never pushes anything on you that you don’t want. He also gives you a choice of treatments. He has been a life saver for me. I was visiting the emergency room daily until I found Dr. Petraglia. I have only been to the ER twice in the last few months. Thanks Dr. P.
-R. Anderson

I am very happy coming here. I feel my treatments with Dr. Petraglia are excellent. Thank You.
-M. Archuleta

Dr. Petraglia is a wonderful doctor. Everyone on his staff is caring and supportive. I feel he understands my pain and the treatment I need.
-G. Parton

I believe the doctor is trying everything to make me comfortable.
-K. Parton

So far I have been very happy with the procedures the doctor has recommended and his care for my well being and pain relief. He has wanted to help in any way possible to make me feel comfortable with what he is doing and how he is doing it.

Dr. Petraglia is a wonderful physician but I believe the severe nerve damage I have is a difficult diagnosis to treat. The first nerve block I had worked for about one month. It seems that the severe nerve damage and the bulging and herniation is getting worse. I think I may need an L-scan on my left leg and hip. Dr. Petraglia is the best pain management doctor I have ever been to. He actually listens to his patients and treats accordingly.
-D. Reese

I have been treated very well with Dr. Petraglia. The injection therapy was very good for my pain and his personal attention to my medication therapy has been great. I appreciate the fact that he listens to me on a very personal level. I would also give Bettye and the rest of the staff special thanks.

Dr. Petraglia is a good doctor and has helped me a lot with my pain.

SJVIPMG is wonderful. I’ve been to several pain clinics and no one compares to them. Dr. Petraglia (being the leader) reflects on his team. He listens, finds the best treatment for you, works with you and has your best interest at heart. The injections have helped but there are also other therapies, he offers, that I can do to help my pain, such as nutrition, vitamins, and physical therapy. I know that I won’t be totally and completely fixed but I will be back to a human being once again. Thank you so much Dr. Petraglia, Bettye and staff. You are so greatly appreciated and I recommend you to anyone who needs a great doctor.

I can not say enough good things about the treatment I have received here at the SJVIPMG, from Dr. Petraglia and all of his staff as well as the specialized therapists. Since I’ve been coming here, less than 6 months, my pain in various places has decreased extremely. I have gotten a combination of medication, laser therapy, massage, and injection therapy. Dr. Petraglia is very thorough and sensitive to an individuals needs, and has helped me tremendously. His staff and co-associates are so friendly and professional as well. I can get most of my treatments right here at this office instead of being sent all over the place. I have a few friends at other pain management centers and they do not report the same quality of care at all. Dr. Petraglia doesn’t just medicate you to cover you pain and send you away. He tries a combination of very effective therapies. However, he is also knowledgeable and compassionate enough to prescribe pain medication when there is a real need and he cares about his patients being as comfortable and functional as we can be. He and his staff also take the time needed for each patient, even staying later into evening hours which I find to be an exception compared to most doctor’s offices. I am very pleased and recommend this medical group to anyone who has any form or cause of pain. You will be treated well and get real relief in a short amount of time.

I have been very impressed with Dr. Petraglia’s dedication to relieving my pain. Most doctors want to give you a band aid for an open chest wound and I have not found that to be true here. Everyone here really cares about the patients. The staff is very understanding and helpful with any problems I might have. I hope I never have to try look for another pain management doctor.
-K. Owens

I appreciate the treatment I receive from Dr. Petraglia.
-L. Frausto

I appreciate the injection therapy I receive from Dr. Petraglia.
-A. Frausto

I sincerely appreciate all that Dr. Petraglia and the people at the SJ Interventional Pain Medical Group have done for me. I have been able to get comprehensive treatment here which was not always easily available to me.

I have suffered with chronic pain since 1991. Often I feel that I have to be my own problem-solver and have to find my own solutions when I see doctors, some of whom have never treated someone with my condition. Dr. Petraglia actually presents his ideas tome, and then he allows me to asks questions and make my own decisions. He is an excellent listener when I need to ask about something, and that is a huge relief for me!

I am also grateful that Dr. Petraglia has such a range of knowledge and skills. He is the one doctor in town who can perform the periodic injections I need to keep the pain at bay. I use to have to find a friend to travel with me to San Francisco for my injections 4-5 times each year. In addition, Dr. Petraglia can write my prescriptions and look for more current medications that might work better for me. I have tried some of the wellness products that Dr. Petraglia has offered. While they have not worked for me, I am impressed that as a doctor he is willing to offer different avenues of treatment in hope that one might work as an adjunct to or better than another.

Dr. Petraglia’s staff is wonderful. I really appreciate that they have been available when he is away. They even return my call if I leave a message. The staff at SJ Interventional Pain Medical Group is always professional and friendly.

I truly value the treatment I receive at SJ Interventional Pain Medical Group. It is comprehensive yet prudent and fits my needs perfectly while I continue to need care for my chronic pain.
-D. Porter


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